Congratulations to the 12 Edventures GBA Fellows


Social learning with online videos[Israel]

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Fourier System

STEM learning data analysis[Israel]

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VR training for healthcare and manufacturing[Sweden]

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Virtual enterprise training platform[United Kingdom]

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Reading with extended reality (XR)[Israel]

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Assistive technologies for special learning needs[United States]

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Knowledge sharing platform[India]

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Personalised language learning with AI[Israel]

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Work processes and soft skills training with VR[Canada]

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Precision OS

Surgical training with VR[Canada]

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Collaborative reading platform for social good[Canada]

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K12 AI learning platform[Hong Kong]

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CyberPort Incubation Programme

The selected fellows will also enjoy additional opportunities with our programme partners: Global Edtech Startup Awards (GESAwards), Global Education Technology (GET) Summit & Expo and AWS EdStart.

GES Awards 2021

The GESAwards is the world’s largest EdTech startup competition. Initiated by MindCET (Israel), GESA was co-founded by the Open Education Challenge (EU) and EdTech UK in 2014. Over 3,500 startups from across the world have applied to GESAwards, for the opportunity to be given a global voice and to be crowned the Most Promising EdTech Startup of the year! In addition to promoting the best EdTech startups, GESAwards helps to build local EdTech ecosystems, connect to a global market and provide mentoring. Entrants of the Edventures GBA Fellowship can get the opportunity to be considered by the 2021 GESAwards.


GET Summit and Expo is the largest and most international EdTech Summit Brand in Asia. It is a dedicated platform for education practitioners to share their insights, experience and solutions to educators, innovators and decision makers from different countries. The 2021 Edventures GBA Fellows will be invited to share virtually their offerings at the 2021 GET (15-16 November).

AWS EdStart

AWS EdStart is the AWS educational technology (EdTech) startup accelerator. It helps edTech entrepreneurs build solutions that are secure, scalable, and cost effective. Eligible Edventure GBA Fellows can enjoy AWS Edstart benefits such as equity-free financial support through AWS Promotional Credit, technical training and support, access to a global community of EdTech experts, investors and more.