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We are looking for ventures who have innovative and proven solutions to meet the talent needs of the 21st century. The solutions can be focused on a wide range of areas, from early childhood to tertiary education, special education, workplace and lifelong learning. In particular, we are interested in solutions that can:

E Learning
Virtual Reality
Learning Disability
  • 21C
    Develop 21st century skills of the next generation
  • Motivate, inspire and empower learning
  • Unleash the potential of people as individuals with personalised learning
  • Make quality learning affordable and accessible
  • Reskill and upskill the existing workforce into the digital age

The Fellowship will suit growth-stage ventures with scalable learning solutions that can be easily adapted to different markets. They will have established the success of their offerings and business model in their home market and are ready to expand into a new region, meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Has USD $1 million or more in revenue in the past year; or
  • 100% or higher annual growth in users, customers, revenue, or team since last year; or
  • Have raised USD $2 million or more in investment; or
  • Have made quality learning affordable and accessible to a large number of people in a measurable way
Climbing Stairs

Workforce reskilling and upskilling will be a key focus of this year's Fellowship. We look for edtech solutions that can:

  • Enable employees to learn anytime, anywhere and with peers and experts from around the world
  • Enable personalised training and development to meet the needs and career aspirations of individuals
  • Help track and assess learning progress of employees
  • Match gaps in the labour market and career opportunities with learning needs in real time
  • Reduce the costs but enhance the accessibility of training
  • Help create data to inform decision makers by employers and government, evaluating the ROI, optimising spending and making continuous improvements of learning programmes


Esperanza is inviting nominations from edtech accelerators, VCs and other relevant organisations to recommend suitable ventures to join the Fellowship. Interested parties are welcomed to make their submissions via this form by 7 Sep 2021 23:59 (HKT), providing the following information in English (no more than 200 words for each of the 9 aspects):

  1. A summary of the venture and the company vision
  2. The problem/opportunity that is being addressed
  3. Description of the solution and its unique value proposition (supported by a short video of no more than 3 min)
  4. The target beneficiaries, market size and market expansion plan
  5. Highlights of the core team members and their domain expertise, including advisors, mentors and/or board members (if any)
  6. Business model
  7. Learning outcome metrics
  8. Milestones: Notable accomplishments in terms of user growth, revenue growth, investment rounds, awards/recognitions etc
  9. How the Fellowship can best support you

Up to 20 ventures will be shortlisted to present online at the Edventures GBA Summit, a featured event of the Cyberport Venture Capital Forum on 3 November 2021.

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Time Line


7 Sep 2021

Selection of Fellows

End Sep 2021

Edventures GBA Submmit @CVCF

3 Nov 2021

Post-Summit Showcase Activities

Nov-Dec 2021

Review Panel

A distinguished panel of experts, comprising educators, funders, senior corporate executives from and outside Hong Kong, will help review the submissions based on:

  1. Value proposition: the scale of the problem and the uniqueness of the solution
  2. Team strength: vision, passion, knowledge, experience and complementary skills
  3. Scalability: future growth potential outside the home market
  4. Learning outcome and impact: the effectiveness of the solution
  5. Fit: extent to which the fellow can take advantage of the Fellowship and Hong Kong to expand in Asia and beyond

2020 EdVentures GBA Fellows

Roy Zur

Winning Best Adult Learning Solutions at EdVentures GBA affirmed Cybint’s mission of global cybersecurity training. Cybint has set out to revolutionize 21st century learning, while reskilling the workforce and upskilling the cybersecurity industry. Being recognized on this scale on a renowned platform like EdVentures GBA is invaluable.

Roy Zur, Founder & CEO, Cybint Solutions
2020 Edventures GBA Fellowship

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, we welcome submissions from all interested parties

  • We accept applications only from for profit companies. However, ventures with a strong social mission are encouraged.

  • The information you present should be content that is shareable with the Esperanza Secretariat and members of the review panel.

  • We may still consider your application, but priority will go to those companies that meet one or more of the requirements.

  • Yes, we are looking for companies who are interested in global expansion, especially in Asia. After all, the Fellowship could be a first step in that exploration!

  • Absolutely, as long as the representative attending the Fellowship Programme is part of the leadership team of your venture.

  • The video will help us understand more about your solution. But it does not have to be ‘professionally’ made. We will accept videos in .mp4/.mov/.ppt/.avi formats.